Community Invited to Help Give Skatepark Funding the Final Push

Bradford on Avon Town Council is hosting an event to give funding for a new skatepark the final push.

Local people, businesses and groups are invited to the BoA Youth & Community Centre on Sunday, 3 July at 5pm for an update on the Bradford on Avon skatepark project.

There will be a short film produced by Bradford on Avon skaters, alongside a short presentation from the Skate BoA volunteers.

A spokesperson for the working group said: “We want this meeting to demonstrate our commitment to providing the town with a skatepark young people from the town and beyond can be proud of.

“We would love to see individuals, families, community groups and businesses who support the project, at this event.

“To date nearly £190,000 has been raised by the Town Council, and the local community.

“Speakers will give attendees an update on the project and the opportunities there are for people to offer help volunteering their time, and expertise or by fundraising or donating for the cause.

“Come and join us for an hour on Sunday, 3 July at 5pm for an update, a chat, and a cold drink.”

For more information and to request more information please contact: [email protected]