Malmesbury Town Guide

The charming little town of Malmesbury is Englands oldest borough with its roots steeped in history. The imposing 12th century abbey is still in use today, and its special claim to fame is that it is a rare survivor of King Henry VIII’s dissolution of the monasteries when, unable to obtain permission from the Pope  to divorce his wife in order to marry his mistress, in a fit of pique, he ordered everything Catholic destroyed, burned, at the stake or evicted from their monasteries  nunneries or convents.
There are plenty of interesting places to shop if you are looking for bargains or antiques, local craftwork or books about Malmesbury’s fascinating past, and also plenty of lovely places to explore not too far away. Athelston Museum, the lovely 16th century Abbey House and gardens, the nearby Charlton Park House – designated a histotrical landmark, and  the Market Cross just outside the gates of the Abbey.