Collaborative Exhibition Showcases New Ways to Interpret Local Landscapes

Ancient Landscapes: New Lines, a new visual art exhibition, begins this Friday at The Pound in Corsham showing an exciting collaboration between landscape artist Jonathan Mansfield, sculptor Melissa Cole and Salisbury Museum.

Melissa and Jonathan create works by immersing themselves in the Wiltshire landscape surrounding their studios. Alongside Melissa’s steel sculptures and Jonathan’s vibrant paintings you will find original artefacts from The Salisbury Museum’s Pitt Rivers collection, including finds from his excavation sites.

Jonathan Mansfield comments:  ‘I’m thrilled to be working with Melissa Cole and the Pound Arts Centre on this fascinating exhibition. Immersing myself in the local landscape is part of my everyday experience. I just hope that some of the sense of wonder and magic that I feel comes across in my paintings.’

In this show, Melissa and John will present their individual experiences of journeying, sensing and interpreting their local landscapes through evocative sculptures and vibrant paintings. This exhibition explores new ways of presenting the physical environment and, by way of contrast and similarity, compares contemporary work with historical models of the same landscape.

Melissa Cole says:   ‘This is a great opportunity to show my sculptures in a venue closer to my Wiltshire roots.  The landscape features across the county have always informed the work I make, even from the early days of the Chippenham Town Bridge and Neeld Hall commissions featuring the River Avon.  I am delighted to be showing new work inspired by the part of Wiltshire I have recently moved to in the Pewsey Vale. This will be a really exciting exhibition with Jonathan Mansfield’s bold and vibrant painting contrasting with the simple linear three-dimensional depiction of the landscapes he experiences.’

You can visit the exhibition from Friday 23 June at The Pound in Corsham, Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm or until 9pm when there are evening activities and events happening. It is free to attend and there is a Café Bar on site along with parking and accessible and family-friendly facilities. For more details visit: or call the box office on 0149 701628