Carrier Bag Funding

Wiltshire Wildlife Trust and Southern Co-op are joining forces again to help local families get out and about in nature.

Research by The Wildlife Trusts has found that over three quarters of parents were concerned that children don’t spend enough time interacting with nature and wildlife.

Last year’s successful My Wild Neighbourhood campaign saw thousands of free Wildlife Trust outdoor activity guides distributed in Southern Co-op stores. This year’s campaign aims to continue to help families get outside and explore wildness in their neighbourhoods.

The funding is also supporting local Wildlife Trust projects like the Wildlife Watch Groups run at Langford Lakes, Lower Moor Farm and Salisbury. These nature clubs for families and young people provide regular nature-based events within local communities and include activities such as mud sculpting, investigating animal tracks and signs, and hunting for bugs and butterflies.

Derek Gard, Volunteer Manager at Wiltshire Wildlife Trust said: “Our Wildlife Watch groups in Wiltshire provide lots of exciting opportunities for children from across the county to connect with nature on their doorsteps. From exploring habitats and enjoying time outdoors, to crafts, creativity and campfires. With so much to discover, why not come along with your family to your nearest group to find out more?”

Jessica Hughes, Communications and Community Engagement Manager for Southern Co-op said: “We are delighted to be supporting the Wildlife Trusts’ work to help families get in touch with nature, because we believe in putting funds back in the communities that helped to raise them.”