Want to ‘Get Happy’ in 2019?

Then why not try Rock Choir?

The UK’s largest contemporary choir, is offering members of the British public a chance to boost their natural high and beat the winter blues this January by taking part in free Rock Choir sessions across the UK!

With no audition and no need to read music Rock Choir has already attracted nearly 30,000 members nationwide and is recognised as an award-winning national brand. It is considered to be responsible for creating a cultural musical movement offering a unique and glamorous alternative to the traditional choir format. Rock Choir’s uplifting ethos of fun, friendship and community spirit is a huge part of its attraction and its inclusive and accessible teaching approach allows anyone who simply loves pop-music to take part.

Rock Choir is now offering everyone in the UK a chance to experience the significant natural high that is created from singing in a group. A recent experiment conducted by BBC’s ‘Trust Me I’m a Doctor’ proved that Rock Choir Members experienced a dramatic rise of 40% in Endocannabinoids, the ‘happy’ chemicals released in our brain, after taking part in a Rock Choir session.

This significant result was compared to just 20% up-lift after they had taken part in dancing and cycling and should have a profound effect on the way our well-being and mental health is supported from now on.

Rock Choir Founder, Caroline Redman Lusher says, “I regularly receive personal  communication from Rock Choir Members who claim that their journey in Rock Choir has improved their lives or helped them in various ways to recover from personal issues and trauma.

Rock Choir provides an exciting and life-affirming platform using music at its core and as a whole experience offers joy and friendship. I’m proud that, together with my team, I have built a unique experience that already has such a positive and dramatic effect on so many tens of thousands of the British public!

I now want to help transform the wellbeing of the entire British Public by inviting everyone to step into Rock Choir and enjoy what is on offer; for everyone to feel good, well and happy. No one can escape the challenges that life throws at us but being on a positive, supportive, calm and happy platform will make those moments less painful. Targeting our mental health issues and finding healthy solutions is key and we can offer one solution and that is Rock Choir.


“Rock Choir recently experienced a No.1 chart position in the iTunes Christmas chart with their contemporary arrangement of The First Noel/Silent Night in aid of Nordoff Robbins. Rock Choir Founder, Caroline Redman Lusher, and The Rock Choir Vocal Group, her team of 80 professional choirleader singers have also enjoyed many high-profile performances and interviews on TV and Radio and also opened the 2018 BBC Proms in the Park. Caroline and the Rock Choir Vocal Group took to the stage accompanied by the BBC Concert Orchestra and entertained an audience of 40,000 and with the help of the Rock Choir Members, staged the largest Flash Mob ever witnessed in the UK.

Rock Choir always welcomes new members. There is no audition and no requirement to read music.

To book the free Rock Choir taster session please visit rockchoir.com and type in your postcode to find your nearest location. Alternatively call 01252 714276.

Rock Choir History:

Rock Choir began in Farnham, Surrey in 2005 by musician and singer, Caroline Redman Lusher, pioneering the contemporary choir movement in the UK.

It was the first choir to offer the general public the chance to sing pop and chart songs with no entry audition and no requirements to read music or have any previous singing experience.

With over 28,000 members in over 400 local communities, Rock Choir is the UK’s largest contemporary choir.

Rock Choir’s Records and Achievements:

Universal Decca records released two Rock Choir albums in 2010 and 2011. ‘Rock Choir Vol.1’ reached position 18 in the UK charts.

Rock Choir released a Christmas single in 2018, The First Noel/Silent Night, in aid of Nordoff Robbins and achieved a no.1 chart position in the iTunes Christmas charts.

Rock Choir has achieved three Guinness World Records!


Rock Choir was the subject of the popular 3-part ITV1 documentary ‘The Choir That Rocks’ aired in 2011 now available to view on YouTube.

Rock Choir was awarded the ‘Big Heart’ award at the Family Business Red Ribbon Awards, which recognises businesses intrinsically generous and passionate about volunteering, fundraising and positively impacting the local community.

Founder Caroline Redman Lusher was made an Ambassador of the largest UK music therapy charity, Nordoff Robbins in 2018.