Calne Hotel Rises to the Challenge for National Campaign

Chef Joel Lear of the Lansdowne Strand proved he was born and bread to be in a kitchen for National Real Bread Week when he took a class of local children for a special Bread Making Session.

Launched by the Real Bread Campaign in 2009 it is an annual, international celebration of Real Bread and the people that make it. The aims of the event are to encourage consumers to buy local bread, bake their own and join in the fun of baking.

For this year’s campaign (24 Feb – 4 March) Arkells Brewery’s Lansdowne Stand hotel in Calne head chef Joel, decided to educate some of the children of his staff in the skills of baking and the different types of bread that can be made with your own hands. “Many think it simply comes out of a packet and I wanted to show just how to make it and what fun it can be,” he said.

“We of course make our own breads in the hotel for our restaurant and it is a good skill to have for home bakers or even professional chefs. There is a lot written about bread but it has been a staple for years and can be enjoyed in so many different ways,” he added.

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