Maud Heath Vineyard Wins Award

Maud Heath Vineyard in Calne, is bolstering the English wine industry have won awards for all their wines. The Bacchus white, won a silver medal at national level along with the Bramble Hill rosé, whilst the sparkling achieved a bronze at the Wessex competition.

Vineyard maintenance is an arduous task, but Vineyard Manager Dominic Bateman is extremely passionate about achieving quality produce and has spent over a decade in the wine industry so far.

Dominic said, “The people of Calne have been immensely supportive, and it is a joy to hear people are enjoying the wines at weddings, christenings, parties, as niche gifts, and at home.”

The Bramble Hill rosé was the first wine to be produced and there has been a great reception from the public about all the wines.

Few people within the country have tried English wine, and are surprised by the characteristic products Maud Heath Vineyard has created.

The vineyard have plans to open for public tours in the summer of 2015, in the meantime all wines are available for purchase at the New Wine Shop in Calne, one of the few independent off licenses in the area.

Maud Heath Vineyard
Phone: 01249 740 496