Explore Your Own Wonderland at a New Children’s Sensory Walk

An Alice in Wonderland themed family event is planned for the October half term at Lackham House to raise money to support children and adults living with a disability.

A Wander in Wonderland, taking place on Monday 28 October 2019, is designed for children aged 1-11 to experience the sights, sounds, smells and sensations of their very own wonderland kingdom.

The 1.5 mile wander will be set among the trees in the walled garden at Lackham House, near Chippenham and will be fully accessible to children with special educational needs and disabilities.

Each child who takes part will be fundraising to support Designability, a small charity based in Bath who design and develop assistive technology and helpful products for people living with a disability or long-term health condition.

The charity have already transformed the lives of children like Frank (picture attached) who has dystonic quad cerebral palsy as a result of becoming seriously ill with meningitis when he was a newborn baby. It means that his whole body, including his face, is affected and now, aged 2 and a half, he is unable to sit, crawl, walk or talk.

Frank’s family were provided with a free Wizzybug powered wheelchair from Designability which he is able to operate independently. He uses his Wizzybug almost every day and it’s given him the ability to be mischievous and move away from mum and dad and play when he previously relied on them to hold him and move him around. It has provided him with freedom he never had before.

Tickets for the walk are £10 per child (aged 2+) and an adult can accompany up to three children for free. The charity then ask that each family seek sponsorship to enable them to help more children like Frank.

A Wander in Wonderland begins at 4.00pm on Monday 28 October 2019. A calm and quiet sign-in option will be available for children who prefer it and refreshments are included in the ticket price.

To take part, please visit: http://bit.ly/WanderInWonderland or search Wander in Wonderland. Visit www.designability.org.uk to find out more about Designability.