Ella Gibson Is the First Briton Individual Ever to Win  the European Indoor Archery Championship

Ella Gibson (21) from Cirencester is celebrating beating over 40 top international female compound archers in the European Indoor Archery Championships 2022 to scoop the first gold medal ever won by a GB individual in this competition.

The championships that were held in Lasko Slovenia between February 14-19 attracted female archers from around the world and Ella was up against over-21 year olds in the main senior category for female compound archery.

“I was so incredibly nervous on the day,” explained Ella. “I don’t think I have ever felt nerves quite like that before. My legs and knees went completely to jelly!” However, the World Archery Federation believes that Ella’s relationship with nerves and how she controls them is her superpower and that her nerves are probably her biggest strength. “I knew deep down that if I shot to my usual level, I could win the match,” said Ella. “However, my opponent was a great archer who had been shooting really well all week, so I knew that it would all just come down to that final match.”

Jon Nott, who has been coaching Ella since 2018, explained that Ella had not been at all well the week before the championship. He said that her qualifying session was not good, qualifying in only 6th position, but then she had two lots of two matches – all of which she won. It was then all down to the one-on-one Gold final knock-out against Russian archer and 2019 World Champion, Elizaveta Knyazeva. “Ella beat the Russian 143-141,” said Jon. “She has worked very hard for this win, everything went in her favour and now she has a major victory under her belt. There is no doubt that we will be seeing a lot more of Ella in the future.”

The World Archery Federation describes British compounder, Ella Gibson as a rising star. British number one, Ella took part in her first ever compound competition in January 2017 and, to date in just five years, she has broken world records, consistently challenges for major international podiums and is currently ranked 13th in the world after a breakthrough season in 2021.

Ella definitely has an eye for gold, as she makes sure that she uses gold eye-shadow as her lucky charm on the morning of a major competition! 

Ella, who travels to the National Centre in Lilleshall to train there for five hours every week, said: “Winning the European Indoor Championships means so much to me. I felt like I had been trying for so long to get to the top of that podium, but never quite making it. When I saw the Union Jack flying and heard the National Anthem playing for my win, it really meant a lot to me. I can’t wait to be up there again.”

Ella is so grateful for the support she has received over the past five years and said: “I’m so thankful for everyone that supported me this week and always. Thanks to Simon Scott for being my line coach through every match and nervy arrow, to Jon Nott for coaching me at Lilleshall, to Stuart Taylor for practising matches with me throughout and, of course, to all my sponsors and supporters. Special thanks to my parents, Rob and Janice, for always supporting me.”