Down Cemetery

I have recently joined Friends of the Down Cemetery to try and locate my Great Grandparents graves who passed away in 1935 and 1953, long before I was born. I was surprised to find out there weren’t electronic records available to locate the graves, the plans only show surnames. Through help from the Friends of the Down Cemetery and the staff at the History Centre in Chippenham I am hoping to be able to locate the graves soon.

Currently there are a number of graves overgrown with brambles as the photos below show the before and after of one of the graves we have cleared. Time is running out as the grave stones are deteriorating as the photo below shows how that information will shortly be lost forever.

We are hoping to get as many people as possible to help clear the graves of brambles so we can transcribe them and compile records for future generations. Please come along and help on the second Thursday morning and/or the fourth Saturday morning of the month, all help will be very much appreciated, see pictures below of some of the work still to be completed.

For further information please contact: [email protected] or visit