Animals Seeking Homes!

Trindledown Farm is a rescue and rehoming centre for elderly domestic and field animals. This very unique rescue centre relies solely on fundraising and donations.
All our animals are thoroughly spoilt with sofas and TVs in the dog’s rooms, the cats have heated pens and our ponies, sheep and 7 alpacas roam the 10 acres of pasture land.
Elderly animals make great companions for people looking to rehome a pet and can often suit those with the most sedentary of lifestyles.

Our rehoming process ensures we find the right home for each animal in our care. Visiting our centre to meet our staff who are here to help you find the right pet. We then want to see you 3 more times so that you and your pet can start to bond. A home visit allows us to discuss more about life with a rescue pet and to help you prepare for the new arrival. Together we complete the paperwork so you can bring your new pet home.

Hi, I’m Archie, the African grey parrot, some describe me as a cheeky chappy. Although not too chatty I really would like someone to bond with and who will listen to my funny calls. Fancy a chat?

The Alpacas
Hi there, we are a group of 4 Aplacas who are seeking a new home either together or as pairs. Our names are Asif (16 yrs) Groucho (16yrs) Matilda (12yrs) and Merlo (15yrs). We have been living as a group here at Trindledown for the last couple of years. We have been used to living out in a paddock with a shelter to escape the bad weather in the winter or the flies in the summer. Alpacas are herd animals and are very social with their own species, they really don’t do very well living alone.

Hi, we are a flock of twelve sociable, friendly sheep looking for a new home. If you think you can offer some or all of us the forever home we deserve, speak to the staff at the centre and they can let you know everything you need to about us. Anyone wishing to adopt any of the sheep will need to have / apply for a CPH number.

Hello! My name is Kamero, I’m a handsome Skewbald gelding. I’m 16 years old and I am a 13.2hh Shetland X Cob. I’m a friendly fella and like to have a fuss and a groom from my carers. I am looking for a home as a non-ridden companion pony! I would be happy to live with any other horses, I’d be happy to be handled by any supervised young equestrians. Will you be my friend?

Tango & Dougal
Hi there, our names are Tango & Dougal. We are two Miniature Shetlands hoping to find a new home together. We are seeking a new home with someone who has kept ponies before. We are two cheeky boys who love a fuss and can be a little greedy. If you are interested in giving two cheeky chaps a new home together then please give the centre a call.


My name is Eddy and I’m an 8 year old Beagle x Patterdale Terrier. I am often referred to a little pocket rocket, always on the move seeking the next available cuddle. During my time at the centre I have found meeting other dogs a little frustrating so would prefer a dog free home with children older than 8 please.


My name is Drago and I am a 7 year old Mastiff. The last 7 years of my life have been tough, confined to either a dog crate or a cupboard under the stairs with no creature comforts.
My new owner will need to be very strong as when I can see other dogs I am keen to meet them but not always in the best way. I have a buddy that I walk with, he is also a large dog and we do play rough at times leaving me feeling rather exhausted.

Despite my past I am incredibly loving, a giant cuddly teddy bear with a heart of gold. Anyone who meets me instantly falls in love (they are not so keen on my drawl though). Ideally I am seeking a couple / family home where children are of a teenager age due to my size. I would prefer to live in a pet free home.
Could you offer Drago the new home he has been waiting for? If so please contact the centre on 01488 635854

I am a friendly 12 year old domestic shorthaired cat looking for a new home. I’m a sweet, lovable girl who needs a quiet place to settle down. Once my paws are firmly under the table I will be your friend for life. I would definitely adult only home, I really don’t like children and I need a pet free home.


Hello, my name is Aloh, I’m an approximately 12 year old cuddly domestic shorthaired cat who came into the centre after I was found wandering as a stray. I love being out and about and everyone I meet is my new best friend, I love to curl up in someone’s lap. Do you share my free spirit?

Hi there, my name is Jacob and I am a 8 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Everyone who meets me always tells me what a lovely boy I am, a big softy with a heart of gold. I love company and am always at my most content when having cuddles on the sofa. I do enjoy a nice walk out and about but I can also be a bit shy around other animals. As a result, the staff here feel I’d be happiest in a pet free home.The vets who operated on my ears said that with the amount of pain I was in before, I shouldn’t have wanted anyone near my ears, but I don’t have an aggressive bone in my body, so I was just as cuddly then as I am now.I’m a sweet, gentle boy who’s had a really hard time of it and I’m looking for a nice forever home, could yours be the home I’m looking for?


My name is Wally and I’m a handsome, skewbald Dartmoor gelding. I’m 12hh and I’m looking for a relaxed retirement home. I am an absolute delight to deal with and well behaved. I am seeking a non-ridden companion home where I have access to a stable in the winter months. I’ve shared my field space with other horses as well as sheep and goats.


Our names are Flopsy, Mopsy and Little One, we are three female guinea pigs looking for a new home as a Trio. Despite being different ages we all get along great. All of us are very friendly, cuddly girls who enjoy being groomed and pampered. We would make great pets for younger children. We would suit a home where we can have a shed/indoor space in the winter months.

For more information visit our website or call the centre on 01488 635854