Dorothy House Hospice Care Opens New, Interactive Nature Trail

Opening on May 19th to members of the public, the circular, interactive Nature Trail in Winsley is the next step in the Hospice charity’s ambition to open up the estate to anyone wishing to find a wellbeing space to reflect in nature, or to find serenity in grief.

Thanks, in part to an ongoing partnership with the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, and generous fundraising donations received from The Rotary Club of Chippenham, the Dorothy House Nature Trail offers the wider community the opportunity to visit the beautiful grounds at the Inpatient and Day Patient units in Winsley and discover more about the proven benefits of being connected with nature.

Art installation

The trail incorporates the stunning light installation, Firefly Woods, created by internationally renowned artist, Bruce Munro and that features 800 fireflies; each one a constellation of separate small lights dedicated in memory to a loved one who has died.

“The Dorothy House Interactive Nature Trail is phase one in the ‘Winsley House Place’ Project to make our Winsley estate accessible and attractive to our patients, families, staff, existing supporters and wider community. It is also a physical articulation of our vision of a society where death is a part of life and a space where anyone who has experienced grief can reflect and find peace.”
Wayne de Leeuw, Chief Executive, Dorothy House Hospice Care

Fun for all the family

As well as learning lots about wildlife habitats, throughout the trail, visitors will be able to access an augmented reality app which opens up a world of fascinating facts and animations. Using a mobile phone, visitors can take selfies with the resident creatures, discover more about the natural cycles of life and death, and learn about the range of species found in the preserved wild grassland meadow.

Families seeking to go tech-free can opt to try out nature rubbings created by the Hospice’s Creative Arts Therapists and explore the fascinating life cycles represented on the eight interpretative trail boards.

From impressive Yellow Ant eco-engineers to UK Fireflies, Bechstein Bats and cucumber-scented herbs, there is much to wonder at whilst enjoying the stunning views across the Wiltshire valley.

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