Chilli Fiesta – Chippenham

On Saturday 8th July Chippenham’s Market Place was spiced up with a much more than generous helping of all things chilli.

Chippenham Connected in partnership with Chippenham Town Council welcomed Chilli Fest UK onto the streets of Chippenham for the first time this year. Chilli Fest UK travel around the country taking their chilli fiestas to towns high and low, and it was great to welcome them to the town. They brought with them stalls selling a wide range of chilli sauces, chilli cheese, chilli beer, chilli olives, chilli plants and even chilli cocktails! There was an eye-catching chilli artist, too, whose imagination was a hit with the visitors. Of course, a chilli fiesta wouldn’t be a fiesta without some food to eat on the day, and Chew Chew Barbecue fit the bill – a barbecue in the shape of a train!

Kathryn Crosweller of Chippenham Connected said, “It was great to see so many people in the Market Place on Saturday. Some had come specifically to attend the Chilli Fiesta and some stumbled upon it, but everyone I spoke to said they loved what they were seeing…and tasting!”

The day wouldn’t have been complete without the chilli eating contest, preceded by a superb dance from Chippenham’s Dancing Academy. It was a true spectacle: 10 brave (and possibly foolish) men signed up and ate their way through raw chillis, growing in heat as they went, until one was crowned the Chilli Titan! We can confidently say that it’ll stay in the memories of those who attended for years to come.

Leader of Chippenham Town Council, Councillor Sandie Webb said, “The Chilli Fiesta was a great event to have in Chippenham, the high street was full of people enjoying the entertainment and a wide selection of tasty treats made with chillis.”

Everyone left a little redder in the face than they’d arrived – either from the glorious sun or the copious amounts of chilli they’d consumed!

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