Businesses Challenged to Turn £50 Into £500 for Airbase Appeal!

BUSINESSES wishing to raise funds for Wiltshire Air Ambulance’s new airbase at Semington, near Melksham, are being challenged to use their entrepreneurial skills to transform £50 into £500.

Wiltshire Air Ambulance is launching the 500 Corporate Challenge and is looking for 50 businesses to take part. The challenge runs for five months from 1 June to 31 October 2017.

Each business which signs up will be given £50 to start their fundraising and must raise a minimum of £500 for the charity’s Airbase Appeal. If 50 companies achieved this it would raise a total of £25,000 towards the building and equipping of the new airbase at Outmarsh Farm, Semington.

Chippenham Motor Company is proudly sponsoring the 500 Corporate Challenge and has generously donated the challenge fund of £2,500.

Adam Bailey, Managing Director of Chippenham Motor Company, said: “Chippenham Motor Company believe Wiltshire Air Ambulance is a vital part of the fabric of the emergency services and absolutely vital to the Wiltshire community. The new airbase is fundamental to the future of the air ambulance service and the protection of everyone, whether they be a visitor or resident of the county.

“Throughout the year we will be assisting the charity to raise vital funds to keep Wiltshire Air Ambulance flying and the 500 Corporate Challenge is the cornerstone of our fundraising for the year.

“The concept of providing the necessary funding to raise what we all hope will be at least £25,000 from small to medium sized businesses was very appealing to Chippenham Motor Company. This amount of funding would be a huge boost to the Airbase Appeal target of £1.25 million.”

David Philpott, Chief Executive of Wiltshire Air Ambulance, said: “We’d like to thank Chippenham Motor Company for their generous sponsorship of our 500 Corporate Challenge. They are providing the starter funding of £50 for each of the 50 companies who take part in the challenge.

“The 500 Corporate Challenge is a fun way for businesses to use teamwork, skills and creative flair to make a real difference in your local community and be part of a special legacy by raising funds for our Airbase Appeal.

“It’s up to you to think of innovative ways to turn the initial £50 into £500, provided it is safe and legal. It could include car rallies, bake offs, family fun days or black tie dinners. The challenge runs for five months so if you’d like to take part please get in touch with us.”

For more information about the 500 Corporate Challenge go to  or email [email protected]