Zero Increase to Precept for Calne Residents 

Calne Town Council is pleased to confirm that for the third consecutive year that there will be a zero increase to the Precept paid by Calne residents to fund the Council. The Precept is the amount of Council Tax paid to Calne Town Council to provide to services it delivers within the town. 

The decision not to increase the Precept has been taken due to the current cost of living crisis and is just one of the ways that Calne Town Council is working to support residents who are seeing increases in their household costs. Calne Town Council has already set up a £50,000 Hardship Fund which has successfully awarded grants to residents who have needed help with utility bills and with purchasing essential household appliances. The Council is also supporting Calne Food Bank with an annual grant and has been actively supporting the Warm Spaces initiative that has been introduced in the town to support residents. 

Calne Town Mayor, Cllr Tony Trotman said, “We are working with local charities to provide a range of financial and practical support to those most in need and seen nearly 40 families helped so far’. 

In addition to the Town Council’s decision to freeze the Precept, it was also decided to lobby against a proposed 5% increase from Wiltshire Council will see increase applied across the county. 

Calne Town Council is working hard to raise additional funds through external grants in order to increase the amount of money available for additional facilities and activities for residents while reducing its expenditure through smarter working practices.  

Director of Council Services, Mr Steve Nash said, “We are reducing our own costs while we work to increase employment opportunities locally and improve our facilities and we are effectively applying for grants which will assist in all these areas. 

The Town Council has secured over £30,000 of grants in the last 10 months and reduced some of its running costs by around £60,000, it has created new income streams which will improve services to Calne residents and help it meet increased energy costs. 

For more information you can contact [email protected] or telephone the office on 01249 814000