Wilton Windmill Opens for the Summer

Re-invigorated and refreshed after our bicentenary celebrations, Wilton Windmill Society is happy to announce that the mill will be open for the new season from Easter Sunday until the end of September.
The mill is open on Sundays from 2pm until 5pm and, as always, we shall be offering guided tours of the mill while our shepherd’s hut will be serving hot and cold drinks, snacks and cakes. We also have a range of souvenirs for sale.
The grounds remain open at all times and you are very welcome to bring your picnic – in fact we have three spanking new picnic tables for you to try.
Two important dates for your diary :
May13/14 is the National Mill Weekend and we shall additionally be open to visitors on Saturday 13.
And, our unmissable annual treat, the Murder Mystery Evening is on Saturday June 24. This year’s night of mayhem is called Swine of Passion, a riotous black comedy of high ideals, low scruples, and pig breeding!
Tickets are £30 and appropriately include an excellent hog roast. Full details from 07769 977 779 or [email protected].
The windmill is run by volunteers from the Wilton Windmill Society and we are always glad to welcome new volunteers to help with milling, maintenance, sales of tickets and refreshments, and publicity. If you are interested you can find full details on our website: http://url7926.yourwiltshire.com/ls/click?upn=pkJKIHN6ZPJkJXzUOaWq2m-2FBU6fdYJGPSdvujZuhMUFPbLdkLLdxuHyswlLG8tnvcmnlKhjM0X4hwRHBDuPtcg-3D-3DbRp7_O3XWFiAdWrzzrOIt72qAuBpY90L2-2F-2BYO3nvlfpD6RRbF2Pgm-2BMSnbdTJU8es0H-2FCtinqYI29DMInd2PLJfECSTMs6d1okqe3yEOXD06OyZXivdxcRFNSz2dOLYLS5zqdlhPnuXW2CJ1460YZlJ8HEmrFyG2X4Ebb0jn6gPfiX9-2F8HJlt3AtGCsx87kxF2dm0KSN8eSMsT4fQ6nBBWqxzdOH8iBVNDXHGsBsaOR7qgeA-3D