Wicked Weather Watch Launches Campaign to Empower Youth on Climate Action

Wiltshire-based charity, Wicked Weather Watch (WWW), is looking to expand its innovative approach to climate education with their upcoming Big Give Christmas Challenge campaign.

The younger generation is facing an unprecedented environmental challenge with the growing impacts of climate change. Recognising the urgent need for climate education, Wicked Weather Watch is dedicated to teaching primary pupils about the science of climate change, the significance of the Arctic region, and the importance of sustainability. Their unique virtual multi-school Arctic days connect children across the UK, allowing them to learn from real-life Arctic explorers and engage in interactive activities.

The charity’s Founder, Sir David Hempleman-Adams, said: “We hear about global warming on the news, but it can be difficult for people to fully appreciate the threat until it directly impacts them. I’ve seen massive changes since 1982 when I first went to the Arctic. Our planet is ours to look after. Children think about this from a very early age, which is why Wicked Weather Watch is so important.
WWW’s campaign, running from Midday on 28th November to Midday on 5th December 2023, aims to raise £4,000 to reach 4,000 students in 2024 through their Amazing Arctic Multi-School Events. In these events pupils will meet an Arctic explorer, learn about the polar regions through fun cross-curricular activities and take part in a sugar cube igloo challenge across the schools. The initiative focuses on connecting pupils to the Arctic region, reducing eco-anxiety, and inspiring them to take climate action.

The Big Give Christmas Challenge, the UK’s biggest match-funded campaign, offers a unique opportunity for donors to double their impact. During the campaign week, donations to WWW will be matched, amplifying the support for vital climate education.

Year 6 Pupils from schools who have taken part in the charity’s events express their concerns and hopes. One student noted, “We are all in this together… everyone is affected by the mistakes humans are making.” Another added, “We really need to help the planet or the polar regions will melt and make sea levels rise, causing flooding. We can all play our part in stopping climate change!”

Wicked Weather Watch is now asking the community to support their cause in empowering the next generation to tackle climate change. People should visit donate.biggive.org/christmas-challenge-2023 between 28th November and 5th December and search for ‘Wicked Weather Watch’ to make a donation and see it doubled.