Weight Clinics for Your Pets

Are you concerned about your pet’s weight? Did you know that up to 50% of our pets* are above their ideal weight? This can happen for several reasons, such as eating more calories than are required for an individual, decreased exercise levels, perhaps due to older age or lack of motivation, and neutering which can alter metabolism. Some breeds can be more prone to weight gain too.

If your pet is overweight, it could lead to a decreased quality of life and an apparent lack of energy. There is also the risk of other conditions developing such as osteoarthritis in dogs and diabetes or urinary tract disease in cats. This is where our Nurse Clinics can help! With our tailored Weight Clinics, we can give your pet an exercise regime and diet plan to follow, as well as other tips to encourage weight loss. We also have recommendations for prescription diets to try if you are really struggling to get the weight off your pet.

In addition to our Weight Clinics we offer a range of nurse-led consultations at both our branch in Royal Wootton Bassett as well as at our Veterinary Hospital in Malmesbury. Our Registered Veterinary Nurses provide Dental Clinics, as well as being able offer appointments for nail clips, anal gland expressions, post-operative checks, pampered puppy checks and administration of flea and worming treatments.

Our RVNs look forward to welcoming you at either of our locations. You can contact us on 01793 852458 (RWB) or 01666 823165 (Malmesbury) to book in with us.