The Fulltone Music Festival – Wiltshire’s Own Iconic Festival!

The orchestral star of the southwest music scene – The Fulltone Orchestra are back again for their fifth two day music festival. This dynamic ensemble comprises a rotation of over 100 exceptionally talented musicians from across the UK, led by fantastic musical director, Anthony Brown. Their performances are nothing short of extraordinary, defying genres and taking audiences on a captivating musical journey.

In 2019, the orchestra initiated the Fulltone Music Festival in Wiltshire, and this summer, they are back to celebrate the fifth edition in grand style. The festival boasts an incredible lineup of diverse music, catering to everyone’s tastes and can be found on The Green in Devizes on the new date of 27th and 28th July – back to July where they first began.

The lineup for 2024 is jam-packed! On Saturday, prepare for an array of entertainment: delightful family film music (think beloved cartoons!), the grand Big Sound Choir, a splendid Classical performance featuring local star Carly Paoli, the fantastic Beatles Duo, the energetic Talk in Code band, and an epic finale with the Fulltone Orchestra presenting the Best of the 80s. Then, on Sunday, get ready for more excitement with the Southampton Youth Orchestra kicking off the day, followed by the Watson and Brown Little Big Band. Later, Fulltone will treat us to Tubular Bells and The Best of James Bond, followed by a Fleetwood Mac set by Jukebox 1264. Finally, local favorites Nothing Rhymes with Orange will warm up the stage for the grand finale: a spectacular set by the Fulltone Orchestra The Queens and Kings of Rock, joined by music legends Kerry Ellis and Ricardo Afonso, blasting out huge Queen hits. It’s immense!

Acclaimed by past festival-goers as “a gem right at our doorstep, offering incredible value for its experience,” the festival is a true highlight of the year. Anthony Brown, the conductor of the Fulltone Orchestra, extends a warm invitation to newcomers: “Our festival was born out of a desire to bring the magic of orchestral music to our rural community and to showcase the boundless fun it offers. Our performances span an eclectic mix of genres throughout the weekend, creating an exhilarating experience!”

“Orchestras are universal in films, TV, pop hits, games, and advertisements, enriching our lives without us even realizing it. The Fulltone Music Festival invites you to witness a live Symphony Orchestra up close and personal! It’s an absolute masterpiece of a weekend!”

Experience the magic of live music from a massive orchestra, get up close to a whole host of musical instruments, in an iconic outdoor setting in the centre of Devizes, as the performances begin at 1pm and carry on into the evening. There will be an array of food and drink stalls, and attendees also have the option to bring a picnic for a leisurely and enjoyable day.

Tickets for The Fulltone Music Festival are now available for purchase at Don’t miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in an unforgettable musical extravaganza!