Royal Wootton Bassett Orchestra

Players and audience members are invited to join Royal Wootton Bassett Orchestra for their Open Rehearsal at Royal Wootton Bassett Methodist Church from 10am on October 17th 2015. This is a community event which is free to attend – no booking required!

We will be playing Beethoven’s Eroica Symphony, led by our regular Musical Director Alan MacRae. We welcome players of any age, at grade 5 equivalent or above, who feel able to tackle music at this standard. Players should be prepared to spend the whole day with the Orchestra. A buffet lunch will be provided for players.

Audience members can pop in at any time, stay as long as they wish, and move around the church freely. Children and young people are especially welcome. This is a great opportunity to see how an orchestra rehearses, ask questions, and perhaps even try an instrument! Refreshments will be available for members of the public.

The day will culminate with a performance of the Eroica at about 4pm. Open Rehearsal performances are shorter and somewhat less formal than concerts, so for new audiences and younger children they are a brilliant introduction to the full orchestral experience. Again, this will be free to attend.