As far as my knowledge went, Reflexology was a treatment purely for the feet. I couldn’t have been more wrong! There is quite a variety of reflexology treatments, Maternity, Hot stone, Reproductive, Traditional and Facial reflexology and all are practiced by Gabriela Slater of NuReflexology.  I was fortunate enough to experience facial reflexology combined with traditional and hot stone reflexology. Each part of the body reflected in the foot is also present in the face. I was soon to learn an awful lot more about this complementary therapy and the wealth of benefits it has to offer to each individual.

After receiving a professional and warm welcome I was shown into a treatment room with a fresh yet relaxing atmosphere. Gabriela is an experienced reflexology therapist practicing in Chippenham and Hungerford, offering flexibility with her appointment times at different locations.

Clients can expect a thorough, individual, in depth consultation from Gabriela who has a degree in Nutrition, and experience from a career in Harley Street. Gabriela has a lot to to offer than just a treatment for the feet!

Information is taken regarding the whole person, as opposed to one ailment or issue.  Lifestyle, eating habits, medical history and overall wellbeing are recorded to create an individual client profile. Post treatment the findings will also be documented as a record of the benefits received and advice given to begin to rectify any issues found.

With Gabriela’s extensive experience in nutrition, she is able to recommend diet changes, if required, to aid the overall wellbeing of the client, combined with nutritional supplement advice which may also help the client.

Gabriela uses Neal’s Yard Organic & Ethical, creams, balms and essential oils whilst carrying out the treatment, hot volcanic stones are also used to give a full comprehensive all over treatment.

The initial consultation, allows the time to comprise an individual treatment, to ensure the client obtains the best result possible from the treatment given. Therefore no two clients will necessarily receive the same, treatment which is tailor-made to suit each client – combining the different reflexology treatments to ensure the client receives what they require and has maximum benefits from their appointment.

A full explanation of the process is given; every part of the process described to you and discussed, before it is carried out ensuring the ultimate experience in relaxation. The more relaxed the client is the better the treatment will be received.

The heavenly scent of the selected essential oil is subtle to have the desired effect of enhancing the experience with delicate music playing to focus the mind away from the hectic life styles we all lead in the modern world.

Facial reflexology is a combination of gentle massage and light pressure being applied to specific points to release tension and toxins from the body. The results are positive and beneficial with your skin left feeling soft to the touch from the essential oils and overall tension released, anti ageing properties are also an added benefit. Gabriela places hot volcanic stones in specific points around the body whilst being covered with a warm soft blanket. The warmth of the stones, the scent of the natural oils and delicate massage the results of the combination are almost instant.

Reflexology has many benefits and methods of application. In the fast paced world we all live in Gabriela offers an alternative way to manage our overall wellbeing.

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