New Year New Resolution

It’s that time of year again! Resolutions are being made with the full force of a new year behind them.  However, with everything that’s going on right now it’s likely the hardest year for a long time to keep them going.  Here are a few tips to turbo charge your new year’s resolutions.

1)    The myth of WillPower.  Most of us rely on will power to achieve our goals, but will power is only a fair weather friend.  What you need to do is make sure your environment is set up for success.  So, buy the right foods, find your gym kit the night before and make a plan!

2)    Only buy foods that will help you reach your goal. Don’t buy bad foods that you will ‘Eat Later’, it’s impossible, and with temptation only a cupboard away, you will be in there at the first sign of trouble.

3)    Don’t give up chocolate!  Chocolate is one of the most powerful superfoods known to man, capable of positively affecting mood. However, you will likely have to change the type of chocolate you eat.  In short, the darker the better with a minimum of 73% cocoa solids being a must.

4)    Connect with friends/family daily.  Humans are tribal, social creatures, so being cooped up is not normal.  Connect with friends or a group of like-minded people.  This can help direct your energy and attention into something positive and keep thoughts of ‘maybe next year’ at bay.

5)    Stop watching the News so much!  It’s hard I know but the news is and has always been directed towards the negative.  The reason behind this is it’s a survival trait to be on the lookout for danger, so negativity gets our attention more than positivity. A great way to look on the bright side is to write down 3 things at the end of the day that you’re grateful for, this will help bring a positive outlook to your life and keep you on track.

Ian J. Vout
Perfect Performance Coaching