Malmesbury League of Friends Helps Seagry Primary School With New Playground

Malmesbury League of Friends (MLOF) has donated £5,000 towards the cost of new playground equipment at Seagry Primary School.

The overall cost of the project was £12,000, with the majority coming from fund raising by The Friends of Seagry School and a donation from the Diocese of Bristol Academy Trust, under whose management the school is run.

The new playground equipment, constructed by local Chippenham company DBDPlay, includes a new Astro turf surface, a timber trail and an outdoor classroom area.

Christina Brugger, Head Teacher at Seagry School, which has 85 pupils and 10 staff, said: “The new playground is hugely popular with the children during their lunch break. It helps them in so many ways: building confidence, assessing risks and playing together. We are so grateful to MLOF for their very generous donation.”

MLOF chairman David Hide said: “I saw for myself how popular the new equipment is with the children. Projects like this provide real benefits for both their mental and physical health. We were delighted to have supported it.”