Magnus Gjoen to Showcase Art at Oink Gallery in Swindon

Oink Gallery in Swindon is thrilled to announce an exclusive exhibition featuring the renowned contemporary artist Magnus Gjoen. The exhibition, titled (It’s Not) THE END will open its doors to the public on April 26th, 2024.

Magnus Gjoen, celebrated for his innovative fusion of classical art and modern iconography, will present a selection of his most compelling and thought-provoking pieces at Oink Gallery.

Formerly a shoe designer for Vivienne Westwood, Gjoen’s migration to the world of printmaking has been nothing short of spectacular: his highly stylised and effortlessly stylish prints have earned him a reputation as one of the contemporary art world’s most sought after rising stars.

“We are honoured to host Magnus Gjoen’ said Mark Pepperall, owner of Oink Gallery. “Gjoen has exhibited his work internationally in both solo and group exhibitions from London to Los Angeles to we’re excited to be bringing his talent to Swindon.’

Gjoen’s exhibition promises to captivate audiences with its exploration of themes. Each piece in the collection showcases his masterful craftsmanship and his ability to seamlessly blend historical imagery with modern symbolism.

The exhibition will open with a private viewing on April 26th, 2024, followed by a public opening reception. Art enthusiasts, collectors, and members of the public are invited to immerse themselves in Gjoen’s world of artistry and imagination.

Event Details:

Exhibition Title: (It’s Not) THE END, Magnus Gjoen’s

Location: Oink Gallery, 95 Victoria Road, Swindon, UK

Opening Reception: 7pm, April 26th, 2024, opening night tickets are limited so be quick

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