Introducing ‘the Origin Chocolate Club’ From Coco Chemistry

Welcome to The Origin Chocolate Club, where we immerse your senses in the world of exceptional artisanal single origin cocoa creations.

Your taste adventure begins Here.

The cacao bean, the primary ingredient for chocolate, is predominantly grown in tropical regions near to the equator, such as the Ivory Coast, Ghana, Indonesia, Nigeria, Ecuador, Brazil, and Peru. Regular chocolate blends beans from various origins, resulting in a more generalized taste profile, whereas Single Origin chocolate uses cacao beans from a particular region or plantation, to reveal the richness of its origin.

Single Origin craft chocolate is gaining in popularity as awareness of cacao diversity and the desire for unique flavours grows; this chocolate presents a uniquely traceable and authentic experience.

Available to order from 1st November, the exciting NEW Origin Chocolate Club from Coco Chemistry, your local Wiltshire based chocolatier, offers the perfect subscription for chocolate connoisseurs, either as a Christmas gift or for yourself, to embark on a sensory journey. Discover the unique luxurious flavours of carefully curated Origin Chocolates, shaped by the soil, climate and farming techniques used in each select region or plantation.

Starting mid-December, each month, you will receive an exquisite Chocolate of the Month box, themed around one of our luscious Single Origin Chocolates. Inside, discover an exclusive and stylish Chocolate of the Month menu card, unveiling the story of the cocoa beans’ origin and the nuanced flavours and aromas they impart to the chocolates, plus a variety of exciting pairing ideas. Accompanying this, you’ll find the corresponding sumptuous Origin Chocolate slab and melt in the mouth truffles, elegantly presented for your delectation.

Elevate your chocolate appreciation to new heights by indulging in the all-new Origin Chocolate Club tasting sensory journey, where each bite is a passage through cocoa’s finest subtleties.

The Origin Chocolate Club

Coco Chemistry