Diane Neale – Local Artist

The experience of working as a psychotherapist for 20 years has had a huge influence on my work. It heightened my senses, developed my imagination and gave me insight into human emotions, fantasies and dreamworlds.As a result there is a strong psychological aspect to my work and this has led me to abstract art.

Living between the North Wessex Downs and Salisbury Plain in the Pewsey Vale, I am inspired by the landscapes around me, but also by coastal and moorland around the UK.

My practice began in photography. I created images which crossed the boundary between photography and mixed media, for which I was awarded the Royal Photographic Society’s Associateship.

As a predominantly self-taught artist, my process is largely unconscious; paintings are conceived and developed in my imagination using remembered images and feelings, sometimes enhanced by photographic reference. I am constantly experimenting with materials and techniques; consequently it’s hard to say if I have one style or many. Others may be better placed to judge.