Calne Gets £10,000 Welcome Back

Calne Town Council are celebrating being awarded £10,000 from the Welcome Back Scheme to allow them to support changes on the High Street and Town Centre of Calne. The funding will allow the council to work with City Dressing Ltd and provide some new promotional items around the town centre to enhance the experiences of visitors to Calne. The New Director of Council Services for Calne Mr Steve Nash said ‘It’s great that these funds have been made available to us and its an exciting time for the Town Council as we look at new activities and events for our residents’.
The Welcome Back Fund is administered by Wiltshire Council and they have commissioned City Dressing Ltd to provide a range of opportunities around a number of Wiltshire Towns. Calne are currently considering Lamppost Banners through the Town Centre and other areas, updating the shopping centre roofing with coloured sky lights, information totem poles at each end of the High Street and catenary signs above the High Street.
New Mayor of Calne Councillor Tony Trotman said ‘I am very pleased that Wiltshire Council have made a commitment to support Calne and I look forward to seeing some of these new ideas implemented’.
The works are likely to begin before the summer break arrives and residents of Calne will also be able to participate in some new events planned by the Town Council throughout the holidays.