Brothers in Arms: Pharmaxo Founder  Chris Watt to Drive Frontline Support Ambulance in Convoy With His Brothers and Sons From West Country to Ukraine

Images: Fathers’ Day: the Watt brothers and sons launch campaign to save 1000 lives

Chris Watt, Founder and Exec Chair of Pharmaxo which includes Bath ASU in Corsham, is joining two of his brothers and four of their sons, to drive three life-saving ambulances nearly 1,500 miles to Lviv, Ukraine.

They will depart soon after launching their “1000 Lives” campaign on Fathers’ Day which aims to save 1000 lives. The “1000 Lives” campaign is raising funds to buy supplies that can save the lives of 1000 fathers and sons in the Ukraine. The campaign is looking to buy and deliver 1000 Individual First Aid Kits (IFAKs), crucial medical supply kits that will save a life in the situation of a mortal wound. The target is £120,000.

Chris Watt said: “This mission is about more than aid; it’s about hope and solidarity. We are delivering more than just equipment; we are delivering a message of support and compassion to those living under the threat of tyranny.

“As a former soldier, I have seen first-hand the devastating impact of battlefield injuries and the importance of immediate treatment. Long term disabilities are only worse from lasting delays in treatment.

David Watt, CEO of CI Group, “I’ve worked alongside Paralympic teams, I have seen and heard how disabilities can impact someone’s life. Our 1000 IFAK campaign wants to make sure fewer young Ukrainians experience that reality.

Full information about the campaign is here

David and Chris will be travelling in convoy with their brother Angus and four of their sons Max, Fynn, James and Joe (at school in Bath), in support of project. The ultimate destination of the vehicles will be the frontline where they are desperately needed to evacuate and care for injured soldiers and volunteers.

The driving force who started is one of the sons, Fynn Watt. Since starting the campaign two years ago Fynn and his colleagues have delivered 110 vehicles to Ukraine, saved countless lives, evacuated hundreds of Ukrainians, provided tons of aid, enlisted hundreds of volunteers and raised over £600,000. Fynn worked full time at Bath ASU, Corsham prior to this.

On the second anniversary of Fynn’s involvement in the initiative, the three brothers decided to come together, side-by-side on this landmark convoy, all bringing their sons.

Fynn Watt concluded: “In Ukraine, family relationships are so tight, especially at these trying times. I’m so proud to see my family come together and set an amazing example of what a family can do when they unite for a worthy cause. We appreciate not every family has the opportunity to do a journey like this but you can help with the 1000 Lives campaign. We need you.”

Driving Ukraine has partnered with an official charity: Nadiya (charity number 1200609). For donations of £1000 + please contact [email protected]

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