Learn to Ballroom Dance

At the end of a long hot summer, the prospect of the impending autumn and winter can be depressing, so what better time to take up a new activity.  With a new series of Strictly Come Dancing on our TV screens, many people may have considered taking up some kind of dancing, but dismissed it, either on grounds of age, fitness, or the possession of “Two Left Feet”.

Speaking as an experienced dance teacher, none of these reasons are an excuse not to try what is, in my opinion, one of the most fabulous ways to spend one’s spare time.  Ballroom dancing is one of the most approachable ways to learn to dance, for many people.  At its most basic level, we teach you a series of simple steps, which you dance on a regular timing to a piece of music. It really is just as easy as that!

What dance to choose?  Most people would probably recognize a Waltz, perhaps the easiest dance to start with, but how about a lively Quickstep, guaranteed to get the heart pumping, or the timelessly elegant Slow Foxtrot (with its really cool music) or its easier variant the Social Foxtrot (really just walking with style!).  The Tango, which has a fascinating history, is another dance which is simple to learn, but with a little experience can be taken to a whole new level.  In its original form, we have the Argentine Tango, which is a completely different dance, but endlessly fascinating, and a great way of learning partnering skills.

The Latin American dances offer a different style, and a variety of rhythms, from the playful Cha Cha Cha, the spirited Samba or high-octane Jive, a romantic Rumba or dramatic Paso Doble, or even a spot of retro Rock’n’Roll.  There really is something for everyone, of all ages and musical tastes.  You only have to learn a few steps, in a handful of different dances, and you’re equipped to go out and spend a happy afternoon or evening at a local dance.  Ballroom dancing is a fantabulous and fun way to increase fitness and flexibility, and to keep the old, and not-so-old, brain cells ticking over!  It’s a lovely way to spend time with your partner, or with friends, and is also a great way to meet new people (we Ballroom dancers are very friendly folk), and it can offer a lifetime of pleasure.  What’s not to like?

For more information about Ballroom dancing, contact Claire:  [email protected]

or your local Ballroom dance school: www.dancersofchippenham.co.uk