Pip Utton Returns!

Pip Utton is a veteran of the stage, and a legend at the Edinburgh Festival who knows how to work an audience and to take them with him on a journey that surprises and delights. This Autumn he’s returning to Wiltshire due to popular demand with another chance to see “Playing Maggie” – a one man show about Margaret Thatcher (yes you read that correctly!) If you missed the performance at Kington Langley in September then make a date in your diary to catch it in Brinkworth Village Hall on the 4th of November at 8pm. Playing Maggie is a scintillating show that “Delivers a landslide sense of satisfaction” (The Telegraph). The overarching conceit is plain inspired and produces gasps and laughs with a boldness that would have impressed the Iron Lady herself! At times in the show it feels her spirit is with us, but with a wit and a measured perspective that only the passage of time in the hands of a skilled comedian can bring. The underlying message is that she was an extraordinary individual and whether you have venerated or vilified her, you will find this show highly amusing. “Remarkable and original” (The Guardian). Utton’s multi-layered characterisation is charming, outrageous and thought-provoking; I can guarantee that by the end of the performance you will have been educated and entertained, you will laugh, you will think and you will wonder at what you have seen. There should not be any empty seats in a theatre when Pip Utton is on stage. 

Start Date

4th November 2017

End Date

4th November 2017

Ticket Info

For tickets call 01666 510045 or 01666 510545.