A Curious, Interactive Art Exhibition

A curious, interactive art exhibition opens on Friday the 22nd of September in an empty shop at 2-3 Silver Street in Trowbridge.

Normally in an art gallery there are signs saying, ‘Do not touch the artworks’. Here, however, you’re invited not only to touch but to take part. Climb into Alyson Minkley’s suspended, cocoon-like installation and add some stitching to its canvas surfaces; become a living sculpture by wearing Lou Baker’s bright, quirky knitted sculptures or wonder as you wander around Juliet Duckworth’s installation with lights and sound…. and make sure you don’t miss Social Knitwork!

It’s all about community, connection, creativity, colour and conversation.

Come and join Juliet Duckworth, Alyson Minkley and Lou Baker at Social Scaffolding on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday (12-5pm) from the 22nd of September to the 14th of October. If you would like to book as a group or know of an education or community group who would benefit from a free session engaging with arts activities then please email to discuss options. Social Scaffolding is able to tour and offer such opportunities for free thanks to  National Lottery public funding provided through Arts Council England.

You can follow Social Scaffolding on Instagram @social.scaffolding.artists for more information and regular updates or check out the new website www.socialscaffolding.art. Any queries please email [email protected].

Contact Alyson on 07581418158 to arrange a visit, interviews with the artists or photo opportunities.

Start Date

22nd September 2023

End Date

14th October 2023